5 Miscellaneous

Definition: Different morphological lesions which can not be summarized under the classes 1-4.

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5.1 Renal ( potential) damage from various chemical elements
Definition: Overview of morphological lesions due to various chemical elements
5.2 Argyria
Definition: Argyria is a condition caused by improper exposure to chemical forms of the element silver. Argyria may be found as generalized argyria or local argyria (argyrosis). The kidney is usually involved in aryria.
5.2 Mitochondriopathy
Definition: Mitochondrial abnormailies due to drugs are found in cells of the proximal tubules. The mitochondria differ in number, size (giant mitochondria / megamitochondria), shape, and structure of cristae from normal tissue. Giant mitochondria are visible by light microscopy as inclusion bodies in individual tubular cells.
5.3 Phenacetin kidney
Definition: Renal disease due to phenacetin containing mixed analgesics
5.4 Phospholipidosis (M. Fabry-like lesion)
Definition: Phopholipidosis is a storage disorder characterized by an excessive accumulation of phopholipids and, morphologically, by the intracellular accumulation of myelin figures (myelinoid bodies) in various tissues.
5.5 Irradiation
Definition: Renal damage resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation
5.6 Povidone (PVP) storage disease
Definition: Storage of povidone in the kidney after injection in drug abuse